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First two majors don't disappoint!!


With Brooks Keopka dominating the PGA Championship and Tiger woods heroic comeback at this years Masters, its been a great start to this years season!

Now personally, i was rooting for Tiger to win them ALL!! Could you imagine, Tiger winning the PGA? For his 16th major? The US Open for his 17th and The Open in July to tie Jack at 18 and become the first player to win the modern day grandslam? Well I could think of nothing else until Mr Keopka's 63 on Thursday and well, the writing was on the wall!! Golf is a hard game! But just like Tiger and Brooks, NEVER GIVE UP!! I tell my juniors and seniors the same, as long as you can get out there and give it another try, its a good day! BTW - who do you like at Pebble Beach?


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